XB Italia

XB Italia was born from the synergy between XB Components and Gruppo Mazzini.

XB Components, leader in the European distribution of electrical materials, and Gruppo Mazzini, specialized in products and safety signs for small commercial vehicles, give birth to a new company dedicated to the distribution of electrical products and wiring accessories on the entire national territory, with the expectation of expansion to the markets of Eastern Europe.

Since January 2013 XB Italia Srl is part of the Gruppo Mazzini alongside other companies already present within the group: Biffi & Premoli Srl, that produces fuses caps and filler necks, Bicma, manufacturer of safety signs for trucks and industrial vehicles, BC Elettronica and CIA were already components.

If you resell quality electrical equipment, XB Italia can become your trust company, both for the quality of materials and for the presence of a large warehouse in which keeping them safe.

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